Fish oil Omega vs Vegan omega

Fish oil Omega vs Vegan omega

What is fish oil omega?

As the name itself indicates this type of omega 3 comes from the tissues of oily fish. Fish like sharks, tuna, swordfish and tilefish are usually rich in omega 3. Not all fish have the same amount of omega 3. Omega 3 content in fish ranges from 0.7 to 15.5%.

What is vegan omega?

Fish get their omega 3 indirectly from algae. Fish eat krill and krill eat algae. Algae is rich in omega 3 and krill rely on algae. Krill feed on algae and other small plants. So, omega 3 is coming from algae.

Zero Harm’s vegan omega is derived from algae directly.

Instead of having omega 3 from fish oil Zero Harm's vegan omega directly is extracted from the source which is algae.

The whole chain starts with algae and this vegan omega is extracted from the primary source.

Fish oil omega vs vegan omega:

  • Loose stools: Loose stools are one side effect of fish oil omega. It's due to the oily nature of fish oil that it happens. Vegan omega doesn't have the side effect of loose stools.
  • Stomach upset: Fish oil floats on your stomach which might give you a disturbed stomach. As Zero Harm omega is purely vegan,  it does not cause any stomach disturbances.
  • Acid reflux: Heartburn and acid reflux are a few side effects of fish oil omega that can be avoided with Vegan omega. 
  • Fishy aftertaste: It’s been complained by many users of fish oil omega that the supplements give a fishy aftertaste. They also give fish burps. If you don't want to deal with these side effects it's better to choose vegan omega. 
  • High blood sugar: Excessive consumption of fish oil omega may lead to high blood sugar which can be avoided by controlling the doses. 
  • Odour: Yet another trouble with fish oil is its odour. Not many people enjoy the odour of fish. Vegan omega does an amazing job in this aspect as it is odourless. 
  • Drug interactions: There is a high chance of drug interactions with fish oil omega while vegan omega comes with no drug interactions.
  • Skin rashes: Some people are allergic to fish, which is why fish oil omega might result in rashes as a reaction to their allergy. Zero Harm's vegan omega is safe in this aspect.
  • Nausea: As fish oil is fat,  consuming it on an empty stomach may lead to nausea which we can overcome by choosing vegan omega.

  • We consume omega 3 for all its benefits. What if I have to deal with diarrhoea from the supplements I’ve chosen for their health benefits. I would definitely not want any health disturbances because of the supplements that I choose for good results.

    After understanding the side effects of fish oil omega, I would definitely go for vegan omega as it feels safe with zero side effects and is the richest form of omega 3.

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