The “nutritional superstar”-15 Benefits of Omega 3

The “nutritional superstar”-15 Benefits of Omega 3

You might be wondering why we are addressing Omega as a nutritional superstar.

It is because Omega 3 deserves that title for the number of benefits that it offers. Digging deeper into Omega 3 surprised me, most of its advantages were unknown to many of us. So it’s time we learn about them.

Benefits of consuming Zero Harm’s Vegan Omega 3:

ZeroHarm’s Vegan Omega comes from algae which is the richest source of 

Omega 3. Instead of taking Omega from fish, ZeroHarm focused on extracting it from the source which is algae and avoided the middle-man fish.

  1. Improves heart health:

Omega 3 helps in improving your heart health in multiple ways. It plays the most important role in reducing triglyceride levels which in turn improves heart health and prevents heart attacks. It also helps in lowering blood pressure.

Many heart diseases occur due to clots and due to high blood pressure. Consuming Omega 3 on a regular basis reduces the risk of clots in the blood. This helps us in preventing heart attacks.

  1. Plays a great role in mental health:

Mental health is neglected by many people as physical health issues show symptoms more easily. 

Did you know that Omega 3 can elevate your mood? 

Research suggests that symptoms of mental health issues like depression have improved with the consumption of Omega 3. The brain is made up of healthy fat which is DHA. Approximately, 60% of the adult brain is made up of fats, Omega 3 and DHA. Adequate consumption of Omega 3 will make sure the brain receives its DHA for its maintenance, functioning and all the mental tasks the brain does. 

  1. Helps in weight reduction:

Obesity is caused due to various factors. Sometimes it’s due to overeating. Studies show that those who consumed more Omega-3 felt full for a longer time. Hence, reducing the unnecessary munching that we do in between our meals. Also, Omega 3 can increase your metabolism which helps you in weight reduction.

  1. Helps fight fatty liver:

Yes Omega 3 reduces the fat in the liver. It works by breaking down the triglycerides and fatty acids in the liver. The fatty acids in Omega-3 also reduce the production of triglycerides.

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is a condition in which Omega 3 plays a key role.NAFLD happens due to the accumulation of hepatic fat even without alcohol consumption. Omega 3 is like a blessing for those who are experiencing this condition. Studies reveal that Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids in Omega 3 reduce inflammation, increase insulin sensitivity and hence reduce liver fat.

  1. Supports brain development in infants:

Our brain uses Omega 3 for building brain and nerve cells. The fat in Omega 3 is much needed for the brain’s learning and memory. This is the exact reason why it helps in brain development and also in the treatment of memory loss diseases like Alzheimer’s. 

As Omega 3 plays a great role in brain development,  supplementing Omega 3 throughout pregnancy will have positive effects on the baby. During pregnancy, both mother and baby need Omega 3. The baby needs Omega 3 for organ development and also for the nervous system development of the foetus.

  1. Helps in fighting inflammation: 

The anti-inflammatory properties of Omega 3 help in reducing inflammation within the body. This is the reason why Omega 3 is a healer and heals inflammation like a pro.

  1. Great for skin and hair care: 

Omega 3 is a skin and hair care queen. Omega 3 helps you protect the skin against the UV rays when exposed to the sun. This also reduces the risk of skin cancer. It also helps with acne. Omega plays its role in reducing acne because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Including the Omega 3 supplement along with some lifestyle changes will only do wonders for those who have acne.

Studies reveal that the fatty acids in Omega-3 make your skin moisturised and hydrated. Omega 3 has several beneficial effects on hair. It’s proven in animal studies that Omega 3 increases hair growth. 

  1. Plays a great role in joint pain/arthritis:

Omega 3 plays an amazing role in reducing joint stiffness for those who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. It also helps by reducing inflammation and swelling. 

The Arthritis Foundation recommends up to 2.6 grams approximately for a good result in Rheumatoid Arthritis cases. Along with the quantity, there should also be regular consumption of Omega 3.

  1. Omega 3 helps in the improvement of sleep:

Omega 3 is known to improve the length and the quality of your sleep. It is because the consumption of omega 3 is linked to the release and regulation of serotonin which helps you sleep better.

After a whole day of hectic work, who doesn’t want to sleep well. In our hectic lives, resting enough is mandatory for our well-being. At the same time, a lot of people are suffering from insomnia. So, in order to sleep well include Vegan Omega in your diet.

  1. Takes care of your eye health: 

Omega 3 takes care of your eyes like nobody else. It prevents dry eyes and also contributes to overall eye health.

Dry eyes are a syndrome in which the eyes don’t produce enough tears. Omega 3 improves the oily film in the eyes which reduces the dryness.

The DHA makes up to 93% of the eye which is why supplementing Vegan Omega which is the richest form of Omega 3 can help you with this condition as it increases the level of DHA which reduces the evaporation of the eye. It can also protect the eyes of healthy individuals.

  1. Lowers blood pressure:

High blood pressure has become a very common health problem affecting people of all age groups. If it’s not addressed in the early stages, there’s a high chance that it could lead to a complicated disease. Omega 3 reduces both systolic and diastolic pressures which also decreases the risk of a heart attack It activates the calcium and potassium-dependent channels.  This in turn results in lowering hypertension.

 A study made on 5000 people has shown that individuals who consumed  Omega 3 for 10 weeks consistently observed a significant reduction in both systolic and diastolic pressures.

  1. Helps in fighting autoimmune disorders: 

Autoimmune disorders usually occur when the body’s immune system starts acting against a healthy body. In adults, regular consumption of Omega 3 worked very well in reducing the risk of autoimmune diseases.

Studies also reveal that Omega 3 can lower the risk of auto-immune disorders like Psoriasis in comparison to those who did not consume enough Omega 3.

  1. Can reduce the risk of cancer:

Cancer is the abnormal division of cells in the body which also causes tumours. Data from various countries reveals that those who were consuming essential fatty acids were at a lesser risk of getting cancer. For those who already have cancer, Omega 3 increases the response rate to chemotherapy which is like magic.

O wow!

This is because the polyunsaturated fatty acids in Omega 3 contribute to cell signalling and cell structure. Omega is a very important nutritional component for cancer patients as it helps with their response rate to treatment and also improves their quality of life.

  1. Can reduce asthma in children:

It’s an age-old practice that people having asthma to gulp a fish to reduce the symptoms.

 Scientifically, a study from the researchers of John Hopkins University has proven that consuming Omega 3 lessens asthma and its symptoms.

  1. Helps reduce menstrual cramps:

Menstrual cramp is a problem that almost every girl goes through. It’s just that the intensity of pain might be different in each of us.

 A study done on women who were experiencing painful periods has proven that consuming Omega 3 daily helped them relieve the menstrual cramps.

After understanding how good Omega 3 is for our well-being I tried finding the best source of Omega 3.

I finally arrived at Zero Harm’s vegan Omega which is the richest source of Omega 3 and is plant-based.

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