what would be the best time to consume Omega 3

what would be the best time to consume Omega 3

Omega 3 is a nutrient that the human body needs. Since our body cannot produce the Omega 3 that it needs we either take it in the form of food or supplements. The daily dose of Omega 3 recommended for a healthy adult is a minimum of 250 mg. This quantity can also vary based on the health condition of an individual.

But our food does not give us sufficient Omega 3, so it is recommended that we consume supplements to meet our daily dose of Omega 3. 

When it comes to supplements a question that arises in everyone’s mind is about the best time to take them?

It happens with Omega 3 as well. We’ve heard various versions about what would be the best time? 

Some experts say that anytime is okay and some say that it’s good to consume Omega 3 with food. Whereas others say that morning is the best time and few more come up with the version that night is better.

There's a lot of confusion on this topic and I am here to give a clear understanding of the best suitable hours for consuming Omega 3 in our day-to-day lives.

Usually, supplements don’t have any specific timings. Supplements or prescription drugs that serve different purposes are supposed to be consumed at particular intervals based on the health problems that the patients are experiencing. 

Vegan Omega’s flexibility of time over fish oil omega

Fish oil omega had shown side effects in users when it was consumed along with food. 

  • The most common side effect is acid reflux.
  • Indigestion is another side effect that may happen when fish oil is consumed with food.
  • Nausea and diarrhoea may also occur, most of these side effects are due to the presence of fish oil.

Fish oil floats on the stomach due to its oily nature and this is the key reason for most of its side effects. 

*****A side effect reported by many users is a fishy aftertaste.

All these side effects can be avoided by replacing fish oil omega with Vegan Omega.

ZeroHarm’s vegan Omega 3 is from algae. It is a superior alternative to Fish Oil Omega DHA. It is clinically proven and expert-recommended and is all natural, algae-based that comes with zero side-effects. It is sustainably sourced from algae which happens to be the richest source of Omega 3 DHA.

Do you know where the Omega 3 in fish oil comes from? 

I will tell you now…..

Fish feed on kill and kill feed on algae, which means that the source of Omega 3 is algae. So, ZeroHarm avoided fish which is the reason for all the side effects and chose algae making it a zero side effect product. 

Along with zero side effects, ZeroHarm also ensures the great bioavailability of Omega 3. Bioavailability is the actual amount of supplement that gets into the bloodstream and then organs. The bioavailability of Vegan Omega 3 is high compared to fish oil.

“I love the fact that I don't have to deal with the burps I get while I take fish oil ZeroHarm Vegan Omega”. 

Vegan Omega can be consumed at any time of the day comfortably with zero side effects. 

Does this really mean that we can consume Omega 3 at any time? 

Yes! Absolutely……

Consuming Omega 3 at any time is okay, it doesn’t harm the body based on the timings. But, there is something called the efficiency of the supplement, so in order for the nutrient to perform its best, it’s suggested that we take it along with food. When we say along with food, we mean after food.

Consuming ZeroHarm Vegan Omega after food ensures maximum absorption and higher efficacy which gives maximum results. 

How much Vegan Omega dosage is recommended for a day?

At ZeroHarm, we recommend two capsules a day, 30 minutes after breakfast and dinner for meeting your daily doses for the best results.

          Thank you ZeroHarm for this amazing product and your transparency. 

I am going for vegan Omega after understanding the benefits it offers in many ways. 

Order yours right away!

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